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Update: This plugin is no longer supported. Feel free to use it, but I simply do not have the time to respond to support requests or issue updates.

Event Geek is my very first WordPress plugin. It’s an easy to use events plugin built with jQuery UI. It includes a calendar widget that displays events in an AJAX pop-up, and a shortcode to display a list of events on a post or page. There are several styles to choose from, or you can roll your own using the jQuery UI ThemeRoller.


Shortcode Options:

orderby: By default the events are ordered by their start date. To change this, use the orderby option in the shorcode.


order: change the order from ascending (default) to descending.


limit: limit the number of events to display in the list (default is to show all events)



There are many hooks available, allowing you to add your own filters and customize the Easy Events Plugin.

  • gg_ajax_close_image – the URL of the “close” icon that closes the AJAX pop-up
  • gg_before_clicked_date, gg_after_clicked_date - The tag used before and after the date displayed at the top of the AJAX pop-up
  • gg_before_event_title, gg_after_event_title – The tag that appears before and after the event title
  • gg_before_event_dates, gg_after_event_dates – the tag that appears before and after the event dates
  • gg_before_event_start_date, gg_after_event_start_date, gg_before_event_end_date, gg_after_event_end_date - the tag that surrounds the event start date and end date.
  • gg_shortcode_begin, gg_shortcode_end – tags before and after the list of events displayed by the shortcode
  • gg_event_ajax – action that occurs at the end of the AJAX pop-up

For more documentation see this.

For a full list of action and filter hooks see this.

Questions, comments, feature requests?

Feel free to contact me, leave a comment below, or use the WordPress support forum.

Road map

  • Better sorting options
  • Add option get default styles based on jQuery UI theme selected
  • Repeating events?
  • Add times?
  • Full Sized Calendar?

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79 thoughts on “Event Geek WordPress Plugin

  1. Tested in Local on WP 3.4.2, as a widget. Works fine. But when the post slider from the Dynamic Content Gallery plugin is also displayed, the content of the calendar appears underneath the slider content and is therefore obscured. This does not happen with a video, or if the post slider is scrolled out of view. Some z-index conflict perhaps (?)

    • Yes, you are correct, it is a z-index issue. If you add this to your CSS, it should resolve the problem:

      #gg_event_window {

      I will add that to the standard css for the next update.


    • The text can be styled with css, just as you would with the rest of your theme. I’ve put in very few styles of my own, so that each person can try to make it match the look of their own blog.

      To style the text in the pop up you could put this in your css file (styles.css):


      Unless you have some other styles that override this, it should do the trick.

      In future versions I plan to put in some more color selection options to make it easier for users to customize the color scheme.

  2. Hi
    Pardon me if the answer’s staring me in the face: I’ve tried your Plugin and can’t find any way to add times. Is it meant for dates only?


  3. Hi,
    Not sure if its the plugin or my site, but when I try to click through to next month, nothing comes up. And vice versa when I click back, the calendar in the widget area goes away.
    Is there a simple way I could fix this and ensure it comes up?

  4. I just started creating my website with WP last week, and was very happy with Event Geek Calendar as a widget. Since updating to WP 3.6 yesterday all that shows in the sidebar is the title. I’m using the Expound theme, but tried it on several others as well with the same results. Thank you for any assistance you can offer.

    • Hi Amanda,

      Sorry for the delayed response. It looks like you’ve already figured it out, but for anyone else:

      simply go to Events > Add New Event from the WordPress dashboard

      Select a start and end date using the date pickers

      Fill in any other info you wish, and hit publish

  5. Hi Edward! I just installed your plugin – it looks like the answer to what I need! I just want a list of events with basic info on a page in my site.

    I have 3 events created, and put the shortcode on my Events List Page but nothing shows except “Powered by Event Geek.”

    Do you have any suggestions as to what I need to do to make it work?

    Thanks heaps!

  6. I have just installed the plugin and really like the interface and they way the widget is displayed on the site.

    It would be absolutely perfect if the following were available:

    Ability to post start and finish time.

    Ability to have repeating events.

    and finally the ability to have google maps.

    Any chance? If so, any idea when?

    • Hi Andrew,

      These are all great suggestions. Someone else also requested start and end times, and I’m working on introducing that feature to one of the next updates.

      I’m looking in to the Google Maps API, to determine the feasibility of dynamically generating maps.

      As for repeating events, that is much more complicated to implement than one might think. That being said, I am working on it.

      As for a time frame, I work on this in my spare time, so I is really difficult to estimate when I might have a particular feature ready.

    • Hi Nora,

      After the update, some browsers may still load the javascript file used by the previous version, which may cause this issue. If you refresh you cache, that may fix the problem. If not, send me a link to the site where it isn’t working, and I’ll see if I can figure out what else might be going on.


  7. i have installed your plugin
    and it is easy and simple for what i need it for
    i like it so much

    just one problem
    the back color of days in monthly calendar widget surrounds only numbers and makes it look bad
    it doesn’t look that same sized squares i see your theme preview

    • after inspecting my site i know now what’s the problem
      my theme widget settings overrides your css style

      .ui-datepicker td span, .ui-datepicker td a {
      display: block;
      padding: 0.2em;
      text-align: right;
      text-decoration: none;

      display:block here is overridden by this:

      #widgets a {
      display: inline-block;
      margin: 0;
      padding: 0;
      text-decoration: none;

      still working on the solution
      wish you can help me too

      • Sorry I didn’t get back to this one sooner, must have missed it. This sort of thing sometimes happens. This should work:

        #widgets .gg_widget_calendar a{

  8. Is it possible for the calendar itself to appear in the body of a single page, and not in a widgeted area? My default template is a child of Twenty Eleven, with a one column layout, no sidebar.

    • There is a template tag you can use:

      < ?php gg_display_event_calendar(); ?>

      If you don’t want to put it in a template file (like another page template), I am working on a shortcode that will do the same thing. Should be included in the next update.

      • Since I’m only using the sidebar template on the page where I want the calendar to appear, it probably would work to put it in the template file. Please, can you tell me step by step exactly how to do this?

        • Wait…I think I got that backwards…LOL I also discovered that the Twenty Eleven theme has an issue with the sidebars, so if I’m going to use this plugin I guess I have to put it in the body, not the sidebar. So how do I use the template tag, and yet only have it show up on one page, not all of the rest that use that template? Do I create a new template file?

  9. Hi!

    Is it possible to have different colors for different categories in widget? Now you can just adjust current date’s color and the color of the date which have events.

    It would be easier to notice different events for different people if categories had their own colors.

    Thank you for this great plugin!

    • Hi Nadine,

      I haven’t seen anyone else have this problem before. Since the page doesn’t load, it’s very difficult for me to guess what might be causing the issue. If you would like to create an admin login or maybe FTP access, I may be able to log in and see what is going on. Send me a message through the contact form if you want to try that.

  10. I have added the calendar and it’s exactly what I am looking for but for some reason the color around the name of the month is really large like the header of it bleeds to far down or something I am not sure what to do to fix it I thought it was in the CSS part but because I am not very familiar with it and don’t really know what the problem is I am not sure how to go about and fix it. Any suggestions would be great.

    Thank you

  11. I’m back again… My problem now is, if each of my pages are a different size then the calendar just grows longer, if you look at like the about page and the archive page you will be able to tell the difference in size… Please help again lol thank you

  12. Thanks!
    Great work. I’m tweaking the plugin to work with my situation… overall it’s perfect for what I need. I should be pushing the paypal button soon.

    • Great. In Version 2.5 I added several hooks for developers, so hopefully they were useful. I’m working on a complete list of hooks, but it’s taking a while because there are quite a lot of them.

  13. Unfortunately I am back again to ask the same questions as I had on the 19th. I have not changed any codes or added anything different but everything updated and now the calendar is all weird again. The header is to large, it doesn’t stay in position and i have now discovered on my last tab… the archives tab…. the calendar looks normal but is down at the bottom of the page. I put the two codes you gave me back into the CSS but they didn’t seem to have any effect on it.

    Thank you

  14. I am having the same problem with the calendar on my site. The right widget area is smaller and the calendar is expanding/wrapping.
    Are you suggesting I edit the style.css file?

    • Yes, if the calendar is too big for your widget area, you will need to add some styles to your theme’s style.css file to reduce some of the padding around the dates.

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